A.J. McLean's daughter has ''changed his life''.

The Backstreet Boys singer and his wife Rochelle welcomed their first child, Ava, into the world last month and A.J. is loving his new life as a dad.

He said: ''She's just everything to me. She's changed my life. It's such a different feeling, being a father. Last night I was feeding her and I swear she smiled at me. That just about ripped my heart out.''

Rochelle also revealed A.J. has been involved with all aspects of parenthood.

She said: ''It's awesome, he's been great at changing diapers and doing feedings.''

The 'As Long As You Love Me' hitmaker recently spoke of his excitement at the thought of his first Christmas as a father.

He said: ''Me about to be a father is going to be the best Christmas memory I think I'm ever going to have. We're due any day now and we're so ready for it.

''I'll probably be changing diapers all over Christmas and I cannot wait. We'll be here in Los Angeles, and my wife's family are flying out. Finally Christmas is going to be at my house. Normally I'd fly back to Orlando to my parents but this year my wife and I have our own Christmas tree. We've got a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' tree, it's not black but it's got all the characters. It's pretty gothic.''