AJ Tracey started this Sunday intending to go ahead with three free meet and greet appearances despite Government rules which say such gatherings and events breach current CoVID19 guildlines. The three appearances were supposed to be in Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol but due to Manchester police being told of a large crowd assembling at Platt Fields Park the last two events were called off.

https://admin.contactmusic.com/images/home/images/content/usa-today-network-pa-45883275.jpgAJ Tracey - Photo Credit, USA Today

Manchester police issued a statement saying that, "enquiries established that a music event was being held" with Superintendent Caroline Hemingway adding "We are still very much in the midst of a public health crisis and it remains as important as ever to abide by the COVID-19 legislation." After AJ's Manchester appearance was cut short, the Manchester organisers of the event were issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £10,000. A police spokesman said, "Unfortunately, we did have a large gathering at Platt Fields park, where police intervention was needed due to the large amount of people in attendance. A fine was issued to the organiser and the crowd was dispersed."