Albert Hammond Jr lent Kyle Falconer his underwear.

The View frontman has confessed he shared more than just a laugh with The Strokes rocker - who is producing the band's new album - after borrowing a pair of boxer shorts from the 34-year-old musician.

He told NME magazine: ''We share the same banter and toilet humour. He's just one of the gang now - he gave me a lend of his boxer shorts the other day. He's bringing his Strokes secrets to The View.

''If you walked into the studio on the first day, you would have thought we'd been friends for years.''

Kyle added that the group - also made up of Kieren Webster, Steven Morrison, Pete Reilly - have embraced Albert's hands-on approach to producing their new album and already feel like he's become part of the group.

He said: ''He's playing and coming up with parts - it's almost like he's a member of the band. We're doing pre-production during the day and laying down the tracks at night. We were stand-offish to the idea at first, thinking 'Nobody can rearrange our songs'. But Everybody's really embraced the idea. It keeps you on your toes.''