Alma wants to write songs with Lady GaGa.

The Finnish pop star - who has already penned major hits for Miley Cyrus - has looked up to the 'Stupid Love' hitmaker for many years and she's hoping one day she'll get to live out her ''biggest dream'' by writing for the pop superstar.

The 'Chasing Highs' hitmaker released her debut album, 'Have U Seen Her?', in May, and she's promised fans they can expect plenty more from her.

She told PAPER magazine: ''I want to keep on making records. Albums are super important for me, so I'm already working on the next one. My hope is to collab with and make songs with amazing female artists. I would love to write songs with Lady Gaga, that's one of the biggest dreams. I love to tour and travel around the world, and I love club shows. My dream is not to conquer the world and do arena shows. I would just love to have my little fan base and make records and tour around the world forever.''

Elsewhere, the 24-year-old singer admitted she entered the music industry to party and have a good time, but after touring across the globe and doing some ''growing'', she realised she wants to use her platform to bring about change in the world.

She explained: ''These past two years have been crazy, learning and growing so much, in so many different ways. I think that's part of why the album took so long. I think I came to this business with an attitude like, F**k yeah, everything's f***king cool and I'm just going to party and see where these things take me. Now I'm in a mood like, F**k, I want to change the world. I've seen the world and now I want to change it. I want to use my voice. I think I grew up a bit, even though I'm still a huge party girl. That's never gonna change.''