Aluna is to release her debut solo album next month.

The 32-year-old singer, aka Aluna Francis - who is one half of electronic music duo AlunaGeorge, alongside producer George Reid - will drop her first solo record 'Renaissance' on August 28th, and she has also released a new single, 'Get Paid'.

She said in a statement: '''Get Paid' is an aspirational celebration about black women and women of colour getting paid, in opposition of the reality that we are consistently undervalued for our work.''

The song also features Princess Nokia and Jada Kingdom.

She added: ''On the other hand, this is a song about believing we deserve to get paid because as society keeps telling us we are worthless, we internalise that notion, which is almost more damaging because it stops us from advocating for ourselves.''

Aluna wrote on Twitter: ''I wrote this album as a fix for any type of dancing deficiencies you may have in your life... RENAISSANCE out August 28 (sic)''

The star admitted earlier this year she wanted to put the AlunaGeorge project on hold for the time being because she felt ''self-conscious'' about including George in her ''process of self-discovery''.

She said: ''I did feel a little bit self-conscious trying to drag George through my own process of self-discovery.

''I wrote a song before we put out the last EP which was about my mum and my grandma, and George is obviously supportive, but it's just a bit weird, like, 'Hey, do you want to finish off this black women's anthem with me?' ''