Amelie star Mathieu Kassovitz is set to follow fellow actor Gerard Depardieu and flee his native France.

Depardieu is leaving to escape high taxes and now Kassovitz has revealed he's considering a big move too - as a protest on the state of the country's movie industry.

He feels French film executives are too obsessed with Hollywood and the quality of movies is suffering as a result.

In an interview on French Tv, Kassovitz says, "I'm out of this country. Creatively speaking, I find it difficult to continue working in a country that has locked-down cinema in a sort of copy of the American model. I love movies. It has become an industry, but it is above all an art."

Asked to comment on Depardieu's reasons for leaving France, the actor adds, "I can't judge his life. I totally understand the motivation of someone who earns more than a million. If I earned that much, goodbye! But unfortunately I'm not as rich as him."

The Green Card star is seeking exile in Russia as a protest to a planned 75 per cent tax on income above €1 million ($1.3 million/£812,500).