Screen Actors Guild award nominees are in, world rejoice!

Besides marking the unofficial beginning of award season and infinite award fashion discussions, the announcement of the SAG award nominees also managed to spark mild controversy this year. In a turn of events that will surprise about two people, American Horror Story’s Jessica Lange scored a nomination for Best Actress. What is more of a twist however, is the fact that the nomination isn’t for a miniseries – the category, in which AHS did so well last year, but is instead for a drama series. The show was actually entered into the previous SAG awards as a drama, but after winning an Emmy in the miniseries division last season, the producers have made the clever marketing decision to list this as AHS’s category in this round. The Screen Actors’ Guild is not having it, though.

“They tried to make a switch [to miniseries competitions] and we said, ‘We consider it a drama series, ” was award producer Kathy Connell’s answer to the burning (sort of) question about the show’s division. This is AHS’s only major nomination in this round of the awards. Of course, all is not lost for Lange or American Horror Story, but with actresses like Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith and Homeland’s Claire Danes nominated in the same category, the competition is looking stiff, to say the least. Well, whatever happens here, the Emmys are still coming up. It will be interesting to watch what category AHS falls into then.