The wife of republican candidate Mitt Romney - the man who is threatening Obama for a second term - has been on The View to discuss some hot topics including abortion.

"The good news is, I'm not running for office and I don't have to say what I feel. But I am pro life. I'm happy to say that," the candidate's wife said when asked whether she, like her husband, had changed her stance on abortion. "He could not have, on his conscience, creating human life for experimentation," Romney said. "That's when he came out saying he was pro life. I think we all have to understand this is an issue that is so tender and there are people on both sides of the issue, with very good conscience, coming with a different opinion." Mrs. Romney denied that this was as big an issue for women as the economy is, and when asked if the two bared any correlation, she once again diverted the attention to her husband. "You know, again, I would love it if you'd get my husband on the couch, Joy, and you could go down with that all you want," she said.

Romney, like Michelle Obama, is doing the press push which is oh so mandatory for a would-be presidents wife. Someone should make a really long TV series about it. Oh, wait.