We think everyone can agree when we say that Disney’s Frozen has been pretty successful. Since its release in 2013 it’s earned around $1.2 billion and is the fifth highest grossing film of all time, not to mention the highest-grossing animated film and Disney’s highest-grossing release.

Frozen Anna Faith CarlsonFrozen has stormed ahead of the rest to become Disney's highest-grossing film of all time

The figures speak for themselves but what’s more important is how loved the characters have become in such a short space of time. Sisters Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, and Anna, by Kristen Bell, are the heart of the film, and have enthralled little girls (and grown ones) and offered up a new mould for the typical Disney princess - a more believable and relatable one.

Millions of girls out there dream of being an Anna or an Elsa, except that for one of them, the dream is more of a reality. Meet Anna Faith Carlson, an 18-year-old from Florida who is a living, breathing Elsa doppelgänger. Anna looks so much like the Disney princess that she receives fan art in the post of her as Elsa!

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After going to watch Frozen last December she picked up on the resemblance and has since become an online sensation. After initially posting a snap on Instagram of herself next to an image of Elsa on a cardboard cutout, Carlson-mania has spread all over the internet. The teenager had been planning a career in acting before the release of the movie and has been performing since she was 7 years old. Since discovering how similar she looks to Elsa she now dresses up as the Frozen character and visits children who are in hospital suffering with cancer. What an inspiring thing to do!

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We can imagine she brings light into a lot of children’s lives. Carlson is also hoping that the ABC series Once Upon a Time will want to cash in on the resemblance. The end of the last season was left on a cliffhanger as an ice queen approaches Storyville, leaving a path of frost in her wake. The series is clearly alluding to the fact that the Frozen character will be a major player in the next season, but have they cast an actress in the role yet? So far we have only see the character from behind so we can’t be sure just yet. Carlson’s mother says that they have tried contacting ABC to try and nab the role or at least land an audition, but they “haven’t heard anything as of yet.”