Anne-Marie Duff has criticised ITV for misquoting her during a televised interview on ‘Lorraine’ in which she discussed the allegations being levelled against Harvey Weinstein.

The 47 year old Suffragette star appeared on Thursday’s (October 12th) edition of morning magazine show ‘Lorraine’, where the topic turned to the big news story of the week – the allegations of sexual abuse against movie mogul Weinstein from scores of actresses that span back decades.

While they were doing so, a caption popped up at the bottom of the screen that said Duff was “terrified” of Weinstein – but following the broadcast, she said that she had never made that claim, branding it a “false” and “misleading” statement.

Anne Marie DuffAnne-Marie Duff discussed the Harvey Weinstein scandal on 'Lorraine'

“It was a false statement made by ITV and misleading to include this tagline while discussing the Weinstein story,” a spokesperson for the broadcaster said later on in the morning.

At home, viewers were quick to spot the mistake, and took to social media pointing out that she had never said that she was terrified of the producer.

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“Anne Marie Duff didn’t say she was terrified of Harvey Weinstein like the caption said ??????” one viewer tweeted, while another posted: “at not one point did she say that!!!!”

Alongside the ongoing scandal over Weinstein, Duff also spoke about other issues in Hollywood like the gender pay gap.

“We often talk about parity in pay – especially in our industry – between men and women but unless we address core issues like, respect for your very existence in the movie industry, then we cannot yet look at things like financial issues,” she said.

“As soon as you lift the big old rock, out crawls all the nastiness but it’s good – we only get rid of it by naming it.”

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