Anthony Ramos was thrilled when Steven Spielberg asked him to use his real accent in 'Twisters'.

The actor is among the actors cast in the sequel to 1996 disaster movie 'Twisters' which starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as storm chasers caught up in a tornado which wreaks havoc across Oklahoma - and he has now revealed he was "surprised" when executive producer Spielberg asked him to use his real voice instead of trying a Southern drawl because he has never heard someone with the same dialect on screen.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I heard Steven [Spielberg] was like, ‘No, I want him to do it in his dialect'. It was a little surprising to me, but it was really cool, to me, because I’ve never heard someone who speaks in my vernacular - especially this New York, Northeast, Latino dialect that I have - in a movie of this size, in a place like Oklahoma.

"It makes me feel it’s possible for a kid from the hood to go to a school like OU, study meteorology, be this brilliant meteorologist and storm chaser. This is something that a kid like me could do. I thought that that was really cool."

'Twisters' also stars Daisy Edgar Jones, Glen Powell and Maura Tierney and is directed by Lee Isaac Chung.

Ramos said of the director: "[He] is a guy that directs these really niche, smaller, beautiful films. And here he is doing this massive movie. I knew he was going to bring the heart and soul to it."

He went on to add of the blockbuster: "It's insane, bro. Between the amazing crew and this cast, it all made the experience as real as possible. It was intense. I can't wait for people to sit in a theatre and experience it."

'Twisters' hits cinemas on July 19.