Anwar Hadid wants to expand his Martyre jewellery brand to include clothing and other accessories.

The 20-year-old model - who is the younger brother of model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid - co-founded jewellery brand Martyre back in 2018, and has now said the label has plans to branch out into creating clothing for both men and women, as well as accessories, in the future.

When asked if he'd ever design something other than jewellery, he said: ''We plan to make our way into men's and women's clothing, and will be diving into accessories.''

And Anwar - who is dating musician Dua Lipa - also teased the possibility of a collaboration with other artists, but insisted any future projects would be born out of ''natural moments''.

He added: ''I believe the right collaborations will always come in natural moments, when two visions can really come together for something great. I think there is a space for Martyre to have many great collaborations, with artists of design all the way to musicians and sculptors.''

The model recently hired Zayn Malik, who is the boyfriend of Anwar's sister Gigi, as a model for Martyre's latest campaign, and says he was the perfect person for the collection because of his ''passion'' for ''art''.

Anwar explained: ''I have always seen Zayn as someone who conveys his passions through his art and the things he enjoys. I feel like that is one of the first things that we connected on, so it just felt right.''

The star also spoke about his own passion for design, as although he's ''always loved jewellery'', he is interested in ''all aspects'' of design.

Speaking in an email interview with InStyle, he said: ''I have always loved jewellery. But, I have always been drawn to design in all aspects of the word. I'm drawn to the fact that we can pull creativity and ideas from our minds, making them into physical representations.''