Barry Keoghan has recalled doing an “insane” audition for Steven Spielberg.

The 31-year-old actor has shot to global fame after starring as scheming Oxford University student Oliver Quick in Emerald Fennell’s popular Netflix drama ‘Saltburn’, but says he could have made it big years ago if he had landed a part in Spielberg’s 2018 sci-fi film ‘Ready Player One’.

He told GQ: “I remember doing the screen test, and he had a little camcorder in his hand, and I was like, ‘This is insane. Steven Spielberg is filming me doing a scene, on a camcorder.’”

Barry also said he has “always wanted to play a pilot”, which would have made him perfect for a Spielberg adventure movie.

He has now realised the dream by landing the part of character Lieutenant Curtis Biddick in the new Apple TV+ drama ‘Masters of the Air’.

Barry said one of the keys to his acting is showing his emotions through his eyes, adding: “If you can convey your emotions, what you’re feeling, with just your eyes, it’s powerful.”

Despite his belief in his talents, Barry also told he fears his newborn son will soon be telling him he can’t act.

He had his boy Brando – named after Hollywood icon Marlon Brando – 17 months ago in August 2022 with his now ex-girlfriend Alyson Kierans, while he was shooting ‘Saltburn’.

Barry said: “He’ll live up to (his name.) He has to have that leather jacket and that rock-star attitude, you know what I mean? He’ll have a motorbike when he’s 12, I think.

“He’ll have a toothpick (in his mouth) walking around seventh grade.

“He’ll probably have a toothpick when I get home!”

Barry’s interviewer told him kids grow up so fast it may not have been a good idea for his sake to name his son after a Hollywood rebel as he may soon end up criticising him.

Barry replied: “Aww, God… ‘Dad, you’re a (rubbish) actor. You can’t do accents.’”