Top Teachers

Traditional music lessons meant choosing a teacher in your area, regardless of their expertise or ability to convey the learning. With online learning, there is no need to drive to the teacher, and no geographical constraints. If the best teacher is on another continent, all you have to do is find an overlapping time when both of you are available.

Although plenty of resources exist on the internet, personal tutoring is essential for the beginner or intermediate student. You receive feedback and are guided on aspects such as tone and posture. Questions and concerns can be addressed immediately.

A website such as MidderMusic that helps you choose the best online music lessons is helpful if you are looking for online music tuition. The big advantage of online music lessons is being able to find a teacher who is right for you from anywhere in the world.

Learn at Home

You can learn music without having to leave home. That means no sheets and books to carry and choosing a time when you are most alert. The time that would have been used to travel to and from your lesson becomes extra practice time. You will need to create a suitable space in which to learn. Distractions must be firmly discouraged as you are paying for your lessons and want to benefit from that time. The area you set up must remain dedicated to lessons and practice.

Screen Sharing

Online music lessons are enhanced with video conference software. Teachers and students can share their screens with each other. Items that can be shared effectively are videos, exercises, sheet music, music recordings, and e-books.

Recording Lessons

Make a record of your lessons. This will allow you to refer back to something the teacher demonstrated or to remind you of corrective instructions. You can use the recording to master an aspect of the lesson with repetition.

No Travel

You will save on fuel costs by not having to leave the comfort of your home to attend your lessons. This gives you the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming lesson by having everything set up that you will need. You can then take a few minutes to warm up with some chords so that no time is wasted when the lesson begins. After the lesson, and while it is still fresh in your memory, you can practice what you have learned.


Putting aside fuel savings, online lessons are usually a lot cheaper than traditional music lessons. Online teachers have far more competition than home-based music teachers. As a result, they are more cost-effective.

With so many benefits to online music lessons, it makes sense for anyone to learn to play a new instrument or become better at their current one.