It has now been almost a month since Russian Bolshoi Ballet Director Sergei Filin was attacked with acid in Moscow, leaving him scarred and fearing for his sight. Having now left hospital in Moscow, photos reveal that the Russian talent is still wearing a bandage around his head, but that his face appears to be healing well - he is now just wearing dark glasses, which are likely used to protect his eyes.

Speaking to before he was due to leave for a clinic in Germany, he shed mysterious light on the attack. "I turned to see a person in a hood two steps away from me, with only his eyes showing because of a balaclava or a scarf around his head," Mr Filin told the Rossiya 24 channel, reports the Telegraph. "He was holding a glass jar and [he thew it up into my hood]...  It was very frightening because the pain was intolerable. And, of course, there was a moment, an instant, when I was thinking that I may leave this life, because it was so painful." 

Asked whether he knew who did it, his answer was distinctly cryptic: "Every person has an organ called a heart, and my heart knows who did it, and in my soul I have an answer to that question."

The seemingly organised and pre-meditated attack on Mr Filin was the second of its kind during January, as a Russian Mafia boss was assassinated earlier in the month.