Brooks Laich has ''lost [his] sex drive'' since isolating away from his wife Julianne Hough.

The 36-year-old retired hockey star is spending his coronavirus lockdown in Idaho whilst his spouse is in Los Angeles, and has said being on his own has made his need for sex dwindle, because he finds himself ''wiped out'' by completing the household chores.

Speaking on his 'How Men Think' podcast, he said: ''I'm in Idaho, my wife is in LA, so not much of that [sex] going on here. I would probably lose my sex drive when stress ramps up, that's just what I feel in this situation.

''It's all Idaho bush, I'm cutting down trees, clearing brush. After that, I cook supper and I make a fire and then I'm wiped out, I really don't have a sexual charge, I'm so wiped out. During this quarantine time, I'm not in the proximity to my wife. I'm not in the same room with her, and with what I'm doing here, that my sex drive wouldn't be at its peak.''

And whilst Brooks has been struggling without sex, Julianne recently revealed she's been having a ''magical time'' isolating alone.

She explained: ''I'm really enjoying this time where I can connect to what's really important in my life.

''Being on tour for three months and travelling and starting a business ... it's a lot. So to be able to be home, and stop and pause, and look inward, and connect back to myself has been glorious. I've been on my own.

''My husband is in Idaho doing lots of yard work ... and so we're kind of doing our separate things right now. But it's really been a magical time.''

But Julianne admitted she does ''feel alone'' away from her husband and misses having human connections.

She said: ''I think in my 30's, I've always been around people, and I'm always trying to create and do a lot of things ... but this is new, it's a little different. I don't feel lonely, but I definitely feel alone. I think there's a big difference.

''I feel alone ... I miss people a lot, I want to hug them and talk to them, but I'm really enjoying this time where I can really connect to what's really important in my life and look forward to when we get out of this.''