Starring the likes of Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane and Emily Browning, new Starz series 'American Gods' will be brought to viewers in the UK at the beginning of May via Amazon Prime Video. Telling the story brought to readers in the original novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, fans are in for a treat if recent reviews are anything to go by when the Michael Green and Bryan Fuller-headed series hits the small screen in under a week.

Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane star in 'American Gods' / Cr: StarzRicky Whittle and Ian McShane star in 'American Gods' / Cr: Starz

Following the journey of Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), a recently released ex-convict who's offered a mysterious job by an even more mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), the show will see the pair visiting various areas of the United States, as the tale of gods both old and new is unveiled. With a war brewing between the two factions, it's up to the roster of eccentric and intriguing gods on either side to decide whether or not they want to get involved in the battle for ultimate worship.

Showrunners Fuller and Green recently took part in roundtable interviews with media, where Fuller explained the creative process: "We sat down and had a conversation about, 'What do you remember from the first read of the book," according to Screen Rant.

"We both singled out Salim and the Jinn and we were fascinated with the Laura character (Emily Browning) but wanted to do more with her," he continued. "Really it was lovely because we just got to fanboy out about the show and all those things that we liked we just made sure we were going to represent them as beautifully as we imagined when we read the book. It was really about being fan-fiction."

Pablo Schreiber plays Mad Sweeney in the new series / Cr: StarzPablo Schreiber plays Mad Sweeney in the new series / Cr: Starz

Green added: "It's always that question of how do you give people who don't know the book or don't remember the book that experience we had reading it. We can only give them our experience of reading it, but that's the advantage of being the one who's allowed to adapt it. Someone else's will be different and arguably better but ha-ha, it's ours."

With the non-linear narrative presented throughout Gaiman's original work, it's very possible that what's presented to long-time fans through the new TV show won't be exactly what they're expecting or what they had envisaged for the series. There are a slew of theories and interpretations doing the rounds on the internet as to the goings-on in regards to the novel's events, so not every box can be ticked for all fans of the story.

Now sitting with an 80% approval rating on reviews aggregate website Metacritic, it's certainly gone down a treat with those critics who have been lucky enough to see an early cut.

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'American Gods' starts on Starz in the US on April 30 and comes to the UK on Amazon Prime Video from May 1.