Cardi B asked her Twitter followers for skincare advice after she opened up about suffering breakouts.

The 'WAP' rapper took to the micro-blogging app to seek recommendations for her "extremely dry" skin and spots from her 16.6 million followers.

The 28-year-old star explained that she has tried a number of products, including those by brands such as Clinique and CeraVe, but they have either not worked or given her a bad reaction.

She wrote: "I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry.I don’t think these products are working.I think it’s the water out here .....What are some good products for little black heads break outs and dry skin on your face ? (sic)"

Alongside a close-up of the side of her face, she added: "This is my cheek...It’s been happening for like 3 months now ...S*** really is uncomfortable. (sic)"

When one user suggested CeraVe to her, Cardi replied: "It really don’t work for me."

Another suggested the Clinique hydrating gel, but the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker had already tried it and insisted it wasn’t enough to clear up her dry chin.

She responded: "I bought the whole package of http://Clinique.It worked alil bit but still sometimes my face gets really dry and I’m breaking out on my chin .I don’t know if Is cause of age or the water out here (sic)"

Many advised the hip-hop star to see a dermatologist.

However, Cardi ended up taking the advice of pop star, Kehlani, who recommended the services of New York-based aesthetician, Sean Garrette, and she has promised to give fans an update on how she gets on in the next couple of weeks.

She wrote: "Ok @Kehlani recommended me somebody for my face ...Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks .....I’m off this for a while ...LOVE YA (sic)"