Clara Nixon, President Nixon's sister-in-law, who was married to his brother Donald Nixon, died yesterday (19th Jan) of natural causes. She was aged 92.

Ed Nixon, on behalf of the family, said this in a statement: 
"Her passing this morning leaves us with feelings of regret for having too many unfinished conversations, but rejoicing in the faith that kept her above the everyday noise all around us. I feel certain that Don and Rick are there to greet her at her next destination."

Her own husband, to whom she was married for 45 years until his death of pneumonia in 1987, found notoriety when he was given an enormous loan by a billionaire during the '60s which ended up being contentious due to queries regarding the funding for Richard Nixon's campaign. 

Throughout her life, Clara worked tirelessly to preserve and promote the positive aspects of the Nixon legacy. She worked to recover many items from the brothers' childhood, all of which are now kept at the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda. As Inquistir reports, the Yorba Linda mayor, Roland Bigonger, has called Clara Jane Nixon "the most important figure in property recovery for the home."

She is survived by two children, her son, Donald Jr and daughter Lawerne.