Clara McGregor felt "empowered" by her lingerie shoot for Bluebella.

The 25-year-old actress - whose father is actor Ewan McGregor - wanted to work with the British brand's Christmas campaign because she likes that the label is "run by women" and focuses on designs "made for women and not made for them to please their partners or made for the male gaze".

She told the brand: "I had a lot of fun doing it. The Bluebella crew were amazing, and it was a really supportive environment.

"[It's] always a little nerve wracking just wearing a bra and panties but I really got into it and it was empowering...

"I'm very comfortable with my body in general, but the first few shots can be nerve wracking but the vibe from everyone was so cool that I was really comfortable with it."

She praised Bluebella's collection and the way women in their photos are presented as powerful rather than "submissive".

She added: "They are the most beautiful lingerie I've ever seen.

"All their pictures show women in a position of power, never submissive and so I was ever going to do a lingerie campaign it was going to be with them."

Meanwhile, Clara opened up on her own lingerie style and admitted she goes for a "classic bra, brief and garter belt" set.

She said: "For me with really great lingerie you can have little pieces of it poking out or a sheer or low cut top, so when you have beautifully detailed lingerie like Bluebella you kind of want to show it off.

"And they are comfortable too. It's not like lingerie where something is poking at you, and they make you feel sexy just having it on under your clothes."