Corey Gamble is not there for Kris Jenner ''emotionally''.

The 59-year-old matriarch recently rekindled her relationship with Corey, 33, but whilst he gives her what she wants ''physically'', he is reportedly not emotionally vested in their relationship.

A source shared: ''Kris is sleeping with Corey again. Corey is Kris' go-to because he gives her the validation that she needs.

''He tells her that she is beautiful and gives her what she wants physically. But emotionally he is just not there for her.''

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is believed to have sought solace in her relationship with Corey after the very public dig at her daughter Kim Kardashian West by her son Rob Kardashian, which saw the troubled Rob compare his sister to the psychotic Amy Dunne from 'Gone Girl'.

The insider added: ''Kris is a total mess right now over this whole Rob and Kim thing. Kris used to love her home and her family and she is really lonely now that it is all gone.

''Her own children say that she is like the mother from the movie 'Flowers In The Attic' because she chose fame and fortune over her own flesh and blood.''

And Kris is throwing herself into renovating her daughter Kylie Jenner's new home in a ''desperate'' bid to ''salvage'' her relationships with her children.

The source told Radar Online: ''That is why she is pouring all of her time into Kylie's new home renovations.

''She is desperately trying to salvage the relationships with her children that still care about her.''