Artificial intelligence officially entered the mainstream in 2023, and now it’s simply a question of how big it can become. There are already some impressive developments in the technology’s ability to generate music, and it’s exciting to think where this could head over the next few years.

AI music may not be ready to take on the world’s greatest pop stars, but it might be used in the online casino industry. Online slot developers are always looking to incorporate new technology, so this is something to watch out for.

Do Slots Always Adapt to New Technology?

It’s reasonable to assume that slots will soon start integrating AI, thanks to their tendency to evolve alongside major breakthroughs. The games at Paddy Power online casino, for example, are highly advanced and now have special mechanisms like Megaways and Drops & Wins. Titles like Monopoly Money Grab and Age of the Gods: God of Storms highlight how far the industry has come, and these games are more visually stunning than the offerings of a decade ago.

The openness to change and the willingness to jump on new mechanisms show that developers always hope to innovate. They may be examining ways to leverage the growing power of AI already. This could come in the form of game testing or analysing the market to get ideas for the perfect crowd-pleasing title. Most modern games now come with music soundtracks, which are often simple and catchy. It could soon be the time for AI to be deployed to generate the dream soundtracks that it thinks most players will want to listen to. Indeed, the music in slot games may be about to enter a new era.

AI Could Offer Bespoke Musical Experiences in Slots

AI music software has already shown that it is powerful enough to create the type of music that would usually accompany reel spinning games. According to BBC Science Focus, AI could be set to come up with ideas for music that people had never conceived of before. It's unlikely to write meaningful lyrics and may always be inferior to human lyricists in this regard. That’s why it could be perfectly applied to slot games, whose soundtracks typically don’t feature lyrics. Instead, it could be used to generate a brand new genre of music that’s reserved solely for online casino games.

Another possibility for AI is that it can generate specific soundtracks for different players. If a player spends enough time at a site, it could learn their preferences and create a set of bespoke soundtracks that are then applied to that person’s favourite games. According to a piece in TechRound, the technology can be trained to create custom music for set contexts, suggesting that it would be more than capable of doing this for slots.

AI will play a huge part in the next stage of the evolution of slots, and one noticeable area could be in the music on offer. There are endless possibilities as to where the games’ soundtracks could head, with a brand new musical genre specifically for slots potentially on the cards.