Daniel Adegboyega believes 'SPECTRE' ''has to do better'' than 'Skyfall'.

The actor starred as one of villain Silva's mercenary in the 2012 movie but insists the next film has to top it because the Bond franchise is so cherished by fans.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Bond is a massive responsibility, huge, it always has to do better. I saw the trailer for 'Spectre' and it looks immense, and you get the sense that they're tying all the films together, particularly the ones with Daniel Craig, so it has to do better. Sam Mendes (Director) has a responsibility to not just himself but to the Bond institution, to make it better. And he can do it, otherwise he wouldn't have taken the job. If he didn't think he could do a little bit better than 'Skyfall' I don't think he'd have taken on the job. So this is clearly him saying, 'Yeah I can do this.'''

Although Daniel doesn't star in the new film - which will be released later this month - he admitted his role acted as a springboard for his career as it gave him lots of new jobs.

Speaking at the VIP launch of the Everyman Cinema and Getty Images exhibition The Name's Bond - a retrospective James Bond photography exhibition exploring life on the set of 007 - he explained: ''After I did 'Skyfall' I had an influx of auditions for huge films and things and by the end of 2013 I had done two major films with huge actors, one was with Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, the other one was with Sean Penn, Idris Elba, Ray Winstone, and that I know, was definitely as a result of 'Skyfall'.''