As music fans react to the news of a data breach at Deezer, there has never been a better time to ensure your music streaming accounts are secure. 

Towards the end of 2022, it was revealed that the French online music streaming service had suffered a data breach back in 2019, which resulted in the details of over 240 million customers being compromised. The security violation, which included dates of birth, email addresses, and usernames, highlights the importance of taking steps to protect your online music streaming accounts. 

The study also revealed that many of us are putting our data at risk through poor password selection with 40% of internet users employing an online password containing a variation of their first name and/or their surname.

How password selection is key to online security

The delay in revealing the data theft demonstrates the importance of not only keeping your online accounts safe by regularly changing your password but also showing that you should use a different password for each website or platform. This is highlighted by an ExpressVPN study, which examined the most common passwords, revealed that the average internet user utilizes the same password for six online accounts.


How to secure your online music streaming accounts

With Business Wire reporting that the online music industry is forecast to be worth almost $30 billion by 2027, streaming accounts could increasingly become a target for hackers, as demonstrated by the Deezer data breach. The best way to protect your online music accounts such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Music is to follow these simple steps when choosing a password:

●      Use a long password consisting of at least eight characters, with the optimum length being 12 to 15 characters.

●      Choose random letters, numbers, and symbols by using a random password generator.

●      Select a unique password. If you use the same password for several online accounts, you risk compromising all of your accounts if a hacker guesses your password.

A password manager is an excellent way to protect your online accounts. A CNBC report on the pros and cons of password managers revealed that for internet users who dispense with password managers the likelihood of being a victim of online identity theft is three times higher than users who utilize a password manager. When using a password manager, you will need to choose a master password. The password you select must be of adequate length, random, and unique.

Utilizing the security of your iOS device

You can also protect your Apple Music via the security features of Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads by ensuring that you have the latest version of iOS. You can do this by performing an update check so that you have the latest security patches on your device.

By implementing these simple but effective security measures, you can keep your online music streaming accounts safe from hackers and protect your identity. It is never too late to tighten the security of your online music streaming accounts to save yourself from the inconvenience of becoming a victim of data theft.