David McIntosh ''feels sorry'' for Kelly Brook's new boyfriend.

The former Gladiator and the 'One Big Happy' beauty called off their engagement last year and David has issued a warning to Kelly's new flame 30-year-old Jeremy Parisi.

When asked about her new relationship, he said: ''It doesn't really bother me now, but I feel sorry for Jeremy because he looks like a decent lad ...

''I think she's more focused on herself and her career. I think she's incapable of having a normal relationship.''

The 29-year-old star - who is currently in a relationship with Juliet Bakos - also admitted he wasn't ever ''physically super attracted'' to Kelly Brook'.

He told new! magazine: ''I didn't think she was the sexiest woman in the world. It was more about who she was. She was hot but I wasn't physically super attracted to her.''

When asked about their sex life, he added: ''Sex wasn't a big issue in the relationship. I just loved her as a person. I loved how she acted towards me and then she turned into the opposite of that.''