A quick re-cap of season 7: Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) now knows Dexter is a serial killer; Deb killed LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) and it was all very, very messy at the end of last season. But this is the last season, the last 12 episodes which will tie up the loose ends and we'll finally find out if Dexter will fly or fall. 

The episode is called 'A Beautiful Day' and in Dexter's world it most definitely is. It is six months on from La Guerta's death which has made sure Dexter's safe - for now. Everything is going well with Hannah McKay, Dexter's girlfriend and serial killer in arms. Dexter turns up, after romping around with Hannah for a while, to a bench dedication in honour of LaGuerta. 

Michael C.Hall
Michael C.Hall, who plays Dexter, at the Showtime Celebrations 8 Seasons of Dexter at Milk Studios, L.A.

Deb is noticeably absent. She's quit the force, walking out one day and never returning. Batista (David Zayas)has some of her things in his living room, with evidence which could incriminate her and Dexter. However, no one can get hold of her. She's actually in hiding: snorting cocaine, drinking and having a physical relationship with an unsuitable man named Briggs.

Dexter snoops around Deb's house trying to find clues but finds a stash of prescription and 'herbal' drugs. Next step, he checks in with her employer a private investigation agency. Deb hasn't checked in for two weeks but she's on the trail of a jewellery thief.

Then the murder happens: a man's body is dumped by the lake with a small piece of his brain scooped out. Oh, and Harry's back (James Remar). 

Batista's sister Jamie (Aimee Garcia) is continuing her affair with Quinn (Desmond Harrington), but secretly. Then there's a new character, a neuroscientist called Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling). She studies serial killers - just like Dexter. She knows he's rattled, especially when she asks about the Bay Harbour Butcher. 

Dexter finds Deb, who has been investigating "The Toad" or "El Sapo", she's in danger but he finds her just in time. They row and when Briggs turns up, Dexter stabs him to death. 

Julie Benz, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter
Julie Benz, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter at Showtime Celebrates 8 Seasons of Dexter, Milk Studios, L.A.

Then the cliff-hanger: Vogel finds Dexter moping on LaGuerta's bench, she hands him an envelope. Inside are some children's drawings. When Dexter follows her she turns and says "I don't fit Harry's code". And voilà. 

This is it: the last 12 episodes. Sometimes we love Dexter but, quite a lot of the time, we really despise him. LaGuerta's death was necessary but truly cruel. Deb has sunk to a whole new level and we don't really like it. Or do we?

Do we want Dexter to be caught, for the whole game to unravel? Or do we want him, Hannah and the sprog to run off and live happily ever after somewhere far, far away? 

Dexter Cast
The Dexter Cast Celebrating 8 Seasons at Milk Studios, L.A. From L-R: C.S. Lee, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C.Hall, James Remar, Aimee Garcia, Desmond Harrington, David Zayas and Yvonne Strahovski.