DISH Network is using advertisements to tout its anti-advertisement technology, Auto Hop. The campaign features a demonstration of the new Hopper DVR with Sling that allows DISH's subscribers not only to watch programs they have recorded without commercials on their TV sets but also on their smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. One spot begins with the words: In Memoriam: Commercials. In a note to clients, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield said on Monday that NBC and all the other networks are missing the point when they argue that ratings should include measurements of viewers who watch programs more than three days after the shows are broadcast. Nobody, he said, is watching commercials on a time-delayed basis. Moreover, he said, The Rise of subscription video-on-demand services is making commercial viewing even less appealing. He pointed out that Amazon has just reached a deal with CBS allowing Amazon to offer, via its Amazon Prime streaming service, the new series Under the Dome following the three-day ratings period after its debut on June 24. The Deal, said CBS's chief licensing officer Scott Koondel, will give the show's fans the opportunity to stay current with this serialized series.