After the death of Chicago music pro DJ Rashad (real name Rashad Harden) made news over the weekend, condolences have been pouring from artists from the local music scene, as well as the music business at large. The 34-year-old musician was found dead on Saturday afternoon in a West 21st Street apartment, Chicago Police spokeswoman Janel Sedevic confirmed Sunday for the Sun-Times. The presence of drugs and drug paraphernalia around the body led the police to suspect an overdose as the likely cause of death.

DJ Rashad, 2013 Promo
DJ Rashad was on the verge of a career breakthrough.

At 34, Harden was on the verge of a career breakthrough with his new EP, We On 1. His fifth studio album received some glowing reviews and his music was getting play in clubs and on radio stations across the world. Rashad was also going to perform several club gigs outside of the US. The genre he performed was called footwork. Named for the fast-paced dance moves associated with it, footwork incorporates fast bass lines, synths and chopped up samples of rap, R&B and pop songs. Footwork originated in Chicago about a decade ago and has recently started entering the festival and club circuits.

DJ Rashad
Rashad released his Teklife Vol. 1 LP to DJ J-Cush's label Lit City Trax in 2012.

"He shared his music with everyone that would lismten," Anthony Harden, the musician's father, said in an interview with the Sun-Times. "He's been all over the world, taking footwork all over the world."

Several artists also took to social media to share Harden's family's grief over the DJ's death.

“Music lost a legend today. And he was my friend. Love you DJ Rashad. RIP,” Chance the Rapper wrote on his Twitter Saturday.

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