Donovan took Ecstasy with the Happy Mondays.

The 60s folk legend and his wife Linda were introduced to the drug by their former son-in-law Shaun Ryder - who was married to their daughter Orielle at the time - and the 73-year-old star claimed his spouse ''danced everybody under the table'' while under the influence.

Donovan - whose other daughter, Astrella, married Shaun's brother and bandmate Paul - recalled: ''Linda said, 'OK Shaun, give us the best you've got and we'll go dancing.'

''Linda danced everybody under the table.

''I didn't take as much of a dose as she did.

''But when I took it, I realised it was just a mixture of many things.

''A bit of amphetamine, a bit of acid, and a bit of this and a bit of that.''

The 'Season of the Witch' singer also recalled encountering his son-in-law brazenly trying to steal from an upmarket hotel.

He added to Q magazine: ''They came to visit me in a posh hotel in Manchester once.

''When the band were leaving, I saw one of them start to unscrew a painting on the wall.

''Another one was taking the door handles off.

''I said 'Boys, forget your early life. You're now making music. You've got the money from somewhere else.''