Doria Ragland found it "heartbreaking" that she couldn't "protect" her daughter Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, when she felt suicidal.

The social worker broke down in tears in the fourth episode of docuseries 'Harry and Meghan' - which was released on Thursday (15.12.22) - as she spoke about her concern for the former actress when she was living in the UK and struggling to cope in her new position.

Doria tearfully said: "That she would actually think of not wanting to be here, that... that's not an easy one for a mum to hear. You know?

“'And I can't protect her. H can't protect her.”

Meghan, who is estranged from her father Thomas Markle, told how she hit rock bottom after an official engagement in Liverpool.

She said: "We had a walkabout in Liverpool and there was a group of women, and one of them said to me, 'What you're doing to your father's not right'.

"It was the first time that I went, 'Oh my God. People actually believe this stuff.'

"And then my entire centre was rocked to its core. I was really scared. It was like... all of this will stop if I'm not here."

Prince Harry felt "angry and ashamed" over his wife's feelings but admitted he didn't deal with things "particularly well".

He said: “It was devastating. I never thought that it would get to that stage, and the fact that it got to that stage, I felt… angry and ashamed.

“I didn’t deal with it particularly well. I dealt with it as institutional Harry as opposed to husband Harry. And what took over my feelings was my royal role.”

The prince - who has Archie, three, and Lili, 18 months, with the former 'Suits' actress - said he "hates himself" for how he dealt with things.

He added: “What she needed from me was so much more than I was able to give."

Harry claimed Buckingham Palace officials "knew how bad it was" with Meghan but questioned why she couldn't "just deal with it".