Ed O'Brien was once spiked with LSD and had such a wild trip he thought he was Elvis.

The Radiohead rocker, 52, has recalled the time he was at the legendary Reading festival in England, as a punter, and someone dropped some acid into his drink.

The 'Creep' hitmaker ended up spending the whole night looking at the mirror thinking he was the late King of Rock and Roll.

Speaking on 'The Adam Buxton Podcast', he said: ''I once got spiked at the Reading Festival in a year we didn't play.

''Someone gave me some acid and I remember I was just like, 'What's going on?'

''I had an amazing night.

''I kept on looking in the mirror thinking I was Elvis.

''That's a classic bad drugs story.

''They are really not for everybody.''

Ed - who released his debut solo album, 'Earth', under the moniker EOB in April - previously opened up about ditching drugs and booze in 2001 in a bid to find ''peace'' after battling with depression for so long.

He said: ''I suffered from depression for years so it's about empowerment, taking on my responsibilities and seeing a shrink or whatever to make me better.

''I've realised those darkest moments are moments of opportunity. You can do nothing and carry on but these moments are so dark, you don't go there.

''So you say, 'I will give up booze, I will take up meditation, as I cannot go back to that place'. And that's what I did from 2001. I stopped drinking and drugs and started on a journey of, essentially, self-help.''

Meanwhile, Ed recently teased that Radiohead will ''definitely'' make a new album.

The guitarist says he and his bandmates plan to make a follow-up to 2016's 'A Moon Shaped Pool', but there is no timeframe for when they'll start work on new material.

He said: ''I'm sure there will be another album.

''That last record was a lot of old songs, which explains the different eras of Radiohead it might have sounded like.''

He added that it ''will definitely happen'', but warned: ''But when that is, I have no idea...''