Emily Andre is reluctant to have another child amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 31-year-old doctor - who has Amelia, six, and Theodore, three, with husband Peter - has revealed she's not keen to have a baby at the moment, as Peter wouldn't be able to attend scans and appointments with her under the current circumstances.

Emily told OK! magazine: ''I've spoken to a lot of people who are pregnant or have given birth during this time and they've told me it's a really different experience because of who can come with them to appointments or even when they're in labour.

''It slightly puts me off having a baby during this time, because the scans and other aspects are such precious moments that are lovely to share with someone else.''

By contrast, Emily previously admitted she's keen to have more kids in the near future.

She said: ''With Theo going to school in September, it gives us a year to think about so we have plenty of time.

''The kids never really ask about having another sibling but I guess there's already four of them and we have a busy household! I also don't worry about disrupting the family dynamic because I'm from a big family and so is Pete, it would obviously change, but you still try and give each child the same amount of time and love.''

However, Peter previously admitted to being shocked by talk of having two more children.

The pop star - who also has Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex-wife Katie Price - said: ''Here I was trying to get my head around the thought of having one more child but then Emily throws a bombshell on me of having two more children.

''So now I'm really confused about what she wants. Before it was a definite no no.''