Celebrity Big Brother is still on television and that means that people are still being evicted. The fourth evictee for this season was Gillian Taylforth, who you may recognise from The Bill, or Footballer's Wives. 

In many ways, her exit wasn't really fair as she was up for nomination by default after the whole house was punished for the mis-doings of Razor and Ryan, who had discussed nominations. In a conversation with one another, they discussed that they should nominate the girls, because the girls don't vote for one another. This was considered to be attempting to sway vote, which meant the whole house had to be up for the vote. 

However, despite her exit being unfair, not having to nominate was surely a weight off Gillian's shoulders. "I was having a good time and then I had to nominate! I felt two faced. I felt emotional all the time." She told host Brian Dowling. Although, when asked who she would have nominated she said: "I would have nominated Speidi. They were just always on their own. They don't separate. They wouldn't even separate to do the task. And maybe Ryan, for getting on my nerves for hanging up washing all the time." 

The American couple seem to be doing surprisingly well so far, although it certainly seems that BB is pandering to their needs - they have been given the basement as their own, which means they can have privacy, whereas no one else really can.