Este Haim bought a hazmat suit to protect her from coronavirus.

The 34-year-old singer suffers from diabetes, which puts her more at risk of complications from the disease, so took as many precautions as she could and admitted she didn't leave the house at all for a month when the pandemic first hit the US and hasn't been out much since.

She said: ''The second I got home [to the US] I went on Amazon and bought a hazmat suit.

''I have an affinity for beans and rice. So even before coronavirus, there were pounds upon pounds of rice, and can upon can of beans. So I didn't need to go to the market or have packages sent.''

And the first time Este left her house, she found it ''scary'' going back amongst people.

She said: ''The one time I left my house was to go pick up insulin, and that was a little scary. I coped but, yeah, it's really hard not to see my sisters and not to see my parents.''

Meanwhile, the bassist's sister and bandmate, Danielle Haim, has found solace in the kitchen during isolation.

She told Stella magazine: ''I've been experimenting - my kitchen is a mess.

''Whatever ingredients I have, I type into Google and whatever recipe is there, I make. 'Yes! Eggs, scallions and dates!' It's awful!''

And the third member of Haim, Alana, has been enjoying nightly ''happy hours''.

She said: ''Every day I give myself happy hour. And that's now starting at 5pm! I started with one bottle of alcohol - but look there. A whole row of bottles! I have my own pub!''