Este Haim's priorities have changed during her time in lockdown.

The singer - who stars alongside her sisters Danielle and Alana in the pop rock group Haim - thinks being stuck indoors during the coronavirus pandemic has led her to develop a fearless attitude.

Este said: ''I'm not going to say 'no' to anything ever again.

''If someone is like, 'I want to go and climb Mount Wilson,' I'm going to be like, 'You know what, it might take me a couple of days, but let's climb Mount Wilson.'''

Alana is also eager to try new things and learn new skills once the lockdown is lifted.

She told the BBC via Zoom: ''You know what? I might even finally learn how to roller skate.

''That might be my first thing out of quarantine. After hugging mom and dad, I'm going to the roller rink.''

In response to the suggestion, Este said: ''Wow, strong idea. It'll be just like my bat mitzvah - just me and my besties roller-skating to The Spice Girls.''

The sisters have been separated during the lockdown and Este has admitted they're not used to being kept apart from each other for so long.

She shared: ''This is the longest the three of us have been separate.

''I even bought a back-scratcher because I didn't have anyone to scratch me.

''I felt like Baloo in 'The Jungle Book', rubbing my back against the posts in my house.''

Meanwhile, Alana recently revealed she's been dating through FaceTime amid the pandemic.

The music star hasn't let the lockdown restrictions stop her from meeting new love interests.

She said: ''The bulk of my relationships have to be on FaceTime because I'm always on the road, so I'm super good at FaceTime dating.

''If I had a PhD in something, it would be FaceTime dating.''