Este Haim went ''slightly 'Castaway''' and painted exercise balls like her sisters to combat her loneliness in lockdown.

The 34-year-old musician - the eldest member of Haim - has revealed she was so lost in lockdown without her siblings and bandmates, Danielle, 28, and Alana, 31, that she painted the balls to look like them and even chatted to them like Tom Hanks' character Chuck Noland did with a Wilson football in the iconic 2001 survival movie.

Este has continued to paint amid the coronavirus pandemic and quipped that she came to realise she's like ''the second coming of Picasso''.

In an interview with the digital magazine The Forty-Five - of which they are cover stars - Este said: ''I missed my sisters, obviously.

''When we first got under quarantine, I went slightly 'Castaway' and painted exercise balls to resemble them, and I started talking to them like they were in the house with me. But that also sparked this creative spurt for painting ... aside from being five years old and doing finger painting, that wasn't ever really something that I did, so I guess there's an upside and a downside, right? I was very, very lonely, but I also found that I might be the second coming of Picasso.''

She added: ''That was the inner Este being, like, ''Don't say that you're the next Picasso. You're not.''

Elsewhere, the trio - who released their third studio album, 'Women In Music Pt III', to acclaim last month - said they would love to get ''weird in the woods'' in Wyoming with Bon Iver.

When asked if they would consider working with other producers and artists that aren't Ariel Rechsthaid - who is Danielle's boyfriend - and former Vampire Weekend star Rostam Batmanglij, Este said: ''I think that would cause more problems than it would solutions, honestly.''

However, Alana said: ''We're always open.''

Danielle then suggested: ''I kind of want to get on the phone with Bon Iver,

''I heard he has an amazing studio in Wyoming. I've met him maybe once or twice.''

Este agreed that would be interesting.

She added: ''Oh. Talk about having unrequited love. I love him a lot.''

Alana said: ''I feel like Danielle needs to go into the woods.''

Danielle picked up: ''Yeah, we've never done a record in the woods.

''Bon Iver, we want to road trip to your compound.''

Alana said: ''We wanna get weird in the woods.''

And eager Este asked: ''Can we please?''