For a decade now, one question has plagued the internet. Our collective mind has been occupied with the thought – where is the fourth member of Destiny’s Child? The answer – this week at least – getting arrested in South Carolina, apparently.

Farrah Franklin, who spent five months as a Destiny’s Child member back in 2000, was booked for disorderly conduct in Myrtle Beach on Friday, according to TMZ. She was taken in at 4.55AM and then released on Sunday morning, on a $280 bail. The exact incident which led to her arrest was not disclosed. Soon after the incident, Franklin posted an inspirational quote on Instagram, which may have been related to her legal misstep.

Farrah has another disorderly conduct arrest behind her – in 2011 she was booked in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the incident involved alcohol. 

Farrah was kicked out of Destiny’s Child by Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, allegedly for missing too many promotional appearances. According to MTV, at the time, Beyonce commented with: “Destiny’s Child is going to be fine. We’ve done three or four shows already without Farrah and they’ve been phenomenal.”

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As for Farrah’s career, she has appeared in several B movies since the Destiny’s Child days and recorded a few collaborations with other artists, but is yet to release a full length album. Silver lining time: maybe her recent publicity will help with that record deal.