music and graphics

Some games are renowned for their epic gameplay, memorable storylines and iconic characters. However, others are well-known for their musical contributions and groundbreaking graphics. It’s true that music can completely change the feel and immersion of a game, while graphics can pull you in and give you a new level of realism. In this article, we have picked five of our top game experiences that have immersive music and/or graphics — enjoy!


1. Guns N Roses video slot by NetEnt


We love rock and roll and old school music, so playing a game like the Guns N Roses video slot is perfect. You can read the latest reviews of platforms that feature this game, such as FanDuel Casino, but it’s regarded as an all-time classic and NetEnt has done a fantastic job here.


As you play, you get a complete music set to listen to, including Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine and November Rain! Could that get any better? There is nothing quite like spinning a few reels while Axel belts out lyrics from some of the most recognizable rock songs of all time.


The game is also fun to play and has some cool special features, like the chance to win free spins and rack up some impressive combos.


2. Diablo 4


Recently, we’ve been practically living on Diablo 4 and trying to perfect our Pulverize Druid Build and part of what makes this game great are the music, graphics and cut scenes. People say that music can speak volumes about you, so we’re not sure what this says about us!


The best bits are undoubtedly the cut scenes during the main storyline and the graphics during these are incredible. Seeing hordes of demons fight against angelic hosts with an ear-thumping soundtrack is something else.


3. Hogwarts Legacy


We played Hogwarts Legacy religiously when it came out and completed the game to 96%, which is the furthest we’ve ever got with any game! A big part of that was due to the epic visuals and the music. The graphics look incredible, and we have never seen Hogwarts and the surrounding landscape in such glorious detail.


When you were flying on your broomstick, it really felt like you were there, and viewing Hogwarts from a distance at different times of the day was something special. The music was superb too, and it just made the gameplay and exploration seem that much more authentic.


4. Age of Asgard slot


Yggdrasil is a reputable software developer who is well-known for their epic soundtracks and graphics. One of our top games for immersion from them is Age of Asgard. This game is based on Norse mythology and the symbols feature different gods, including Lady Sif, Loki, Thor and Odin. You also get plenty of cool mythological creatures too, such as the Hydra.


While the graphics are pristine, the soundtrack really brings this game to life. It’s a somber music score with a range of instruments, including a violin and cellos. It progresses from subtle mood music up to an epic crescendo when the reels start or when you land a decent win.


5. Final Fantasy VII


In our opinion, Final Fantasy VII has the greatest game soundtrack of all time. It simply can’t be beaten and there are so many memorable and poignant tracks. Even the in-game battle sequence music and the music that plays when you win a battle is iconic.


You have tracks such as Aerith’s theme that can virtually reduce you to tears, but then epic music like Sephiroth’s theme has helped create one of the most legendary villains of all time. As soon as you hear that music, you know what’s about to go down!


Some games take music and graphics to the next level to boost your immersion


Music and graphics can really define a game and take what would otherwise be an okay title to the next level. This is proven by the five epic selections above, and it illustrates just how powerful these two elements can be.


Games like Final Fantasy VII will live forever due to the unbeatable music, while slots such as Guns N Roses allow us to hail back to past musical eras. We are interested to hear your thoughts on this and which games you love to play due to their music and graphics — drop a comment and share your picks if you don’t agree with our list!