London’s most famous recording studio Abbey Road has partnered with Google to offer a rare glimpse inside the hallowed building.

The likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Stevie Wonder laid down some of their best material in the north London studio, but it has not been accessible to the public since it shut its doors to those not recording music in 1931, but now it’s being opened up via an incredibly detailed recreation by the tech giants.

Abbey RoadAbbey Road Studios in north London

A new web application, entitled Inside Abbey Road, was launched on Wednesday (April 15th). It takes users on an interactive virtual tour of the studio. Featuring more than 150 complete 360-degree images show users the three studios and the mastering suite.

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Also incorporated within the experience are archive photos and footage from the studio down the years, including the world’s first live global broadcast that featured The Beatles back in 1967. There’s also more recent YouTube music videos from the likes of Kate Bush, Take That and Bastille, placed in the exact spot in the studio that they were recorded from. Several animated sequences are also available, showing musicians and studio technicians at work.

Google’s Creative Lab head Tom Seymour stated upon the app’s release: “We're always looking at how we can use technology to bring people closer to cultural icons and institutions around the world. With Inside Abbey Road, we wanted to open the doors to the iconic music studio for anyone in the world to step inside and experience the stories, the sounds, the people and the equipment that make Abbey Road Studios what it is today.”

Despite receiving more than half a million visitors per year, all that tourists have been able to get involved with is the iconic pedestrian crossing on the St. John’s Wood road outside, immortalised in The Beatles’ 1969 LP Abbey Road.

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