Hailey Bieber blames birth control for giving her ''onset adult acne''.

The 23-year-old model says she was blessed with a clear complexion when she was younger and never suffered with acne, but all that changed when she started birth control, as her intrauterine device (IUD) - which is a piece of plastic inserted into the uterus - threw her hormones off balance.

She said: ''Actually, within the last year, I started getting a little bit of, like, onset adult acne too from my IUD because I'd never been on birth control before, so my hormones were a little out of balance. But for me, my spot was my forehead ... it would be, like, a little pattern.''

Hailey managed to hide her acne ''really well'', and although the breakout was relatively small, she felt ''bad'' about the spots because she was so used to ''having good skin''.

She added: ''I hid it really well. Like you said, because when you're used to having good skin, the smallest little thing feels bad, like, the end of the world. And I'd never experienced acne like that, or pimples like that, before.''

The model's husband, Justin Bieber, also spoke about his own struggles with acne, saying the condition ''bugs'' him because it knocks his ''self-confidence''.

Speaking on an episode of 'The Biebers on Watch', he said: ''I always thought - when I was starting to get acne a little bit ago - I would breakout if I got super stressed but it would never stay. But now it's like, you now, like, so cystic and it's, like, bubbly and it won't go away.

''I mean, it definitely bugs me. I wear a hat a lot more, which then probably makes it worse but I mean who likes acne? It's the worst. It's the worst for your self-confidence because, like, you know, especially because all of these filters on Instagram, you know, people are like looking perfect with their skin and you feel like that's reality. But in reality, a lot of people probably have bad skin.''

Meanwhile, Justin and Hailey previously discussed skincare on their Facebook Watch show last week, when the 'Yummy' hitmaker revealed his spouse has been helping him maintain a blemish-free complexion during self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 26-year-old singer said at the time: ''She's been picking and prodding at my skin. She pops them. She puts, like, serum and does, like, masks for me.''