Hailey Bieber says Justin Bieber is ''so into skincare''.

The model is grateful her husband takes her ''advice'' when it comes to his skincare routine to help him deal with his adult acne.

She said: ''Let me just say that my man is so into skincare. I mean, I wouldn't say so into skincare, but he cares a lot about what's going on with his skin now because he knows how much I love it. And he's just taking my advice. I think it depends, because a lot of the time, guys don't have to try because they have good skin naturally. And then they start to age and all of a sudden they're like, what do I use because now I see little wrinkles. But the difference is that Justin was struggling a bit with acne. I tried to help him clear that and get that under control and it is working. It's gone, and he's really happy. I give him all of the tips that I use personally and I've given him products that I use. I'm always big on keeping your skin hydrated. It's taken him a while, though.''

During quarantine, Hailey has been trying to take the time to take care of her hair and she, herself, is ''obsessed with skincare'' too.

She added to Elle.com: ''I really wanted to take care of my hair. I've dyed my hair blonde since I was like 14. I would put a hydration hair mask and growth oil, and then I would put my hair up and leave it alone for four days and not wash it. It definitely worked! My hair got healthy and it grew out a lot. There are certain times where you have a Zoom call and want to do a little light glam. And for me, that's always a bit of concealer, eyebrow gel, and mascara. The Strength & Length products are perfect for my beauty routine because it's so minimal. I took a crazy deep dive into skincare. I'm obsessed with skincare. My mom and my grandma taught me a ton about skincare growing up, so when I had the time in quarantine, I was doing dermatology courses and reading all these books about our skin. I find it interesting and I really care about my skin and what goes on it.''