A Sky Newsreporter who was broadcasting live from Tienanmen Square in Beijing, China, was detained and continued to report live from the back of a police van when questions about their authority to film in the area were flagged. 

Correspondent Mark Stone and the Andy Portch either bravely or stupidly continued filming after being detained. Stone speculates that it was because he had uttered words about the 1989 protest in the square, a tragic series of incidents that are largely unsearchable on China's internet and are rarely, if ever, referred to in Chinese political discourse. 

They were reporting on the Chinese leadership transition currently underway after new leaders had been chosen and mentioned the 1989 protests in relation to power struggles that have gone on for decades in China. The police officer who spoke to Stone and Portch was very polite with them, but as Stone said: "This is just a little insight really into the way reporting works in China. Most of the time things are fine and for most of the day no problems at all, but then every now and then this happens. The police have been entirely civil with us, but they are detaining us nonetheless."

As Sky News reports, the pair had permission to report from Tienanmen Square but were not properly displaying their passes "correctly", hence why they were detained. Indeed, this is not merely an insight into reporting in or from China, but also of the very strict and prohibiting approach to the sharing of information which the Chinese still enforce. With this new leadership regime one would hope that a positive change could be on the way.