If you're an avid gig bunny, you'll know only too well the financial issues attending concerts brings with it. Tickets, travel, hotel, merch and drinks all add up, and the next thing you know, you're too skint to see all the bands you'd like to see. There are ways around everything though, so we've compiled seven tips that may just help you halve the cost of it all.

Photo Credit: PixabayPhoto Credit: Pixabay

1. Offer to write live reviews

Many music sites will accept contributions if the writing is good enough, so if you fancy yourself as an excellent writer and music critic, it's worth doing a bit of research and finding sites that might be up for accepting live reviews. They can put you in touch with PR agents who may be able to put you on guest lists so that you can attend the concert you want for free, in exchange for a write-up of the event for the website.

2. Take a gamble on the ticket resale

Whenever you're in line to get into a venue, you'll often see people wandering up and down the line buying tickets off people who no longer wish to attend and selling them on to others who are trying their luck. Our tip is to wait until the event is about to start before you try and buy tickets from the re-sellers, because by then they have often slashed the prices in a bid to sell them all off at the last minute. It's not a surefire method though, so don't save this move for the bands you are really desperate to see.

3. Buy merch online

Buying merch from the stand at the venue is always tempting but you might be better off resisting. Often merch is cheaper when you get it online, so stock up on those band T-shirts before the show and avoid premium prices.

4. Take up bulk ticket offers

This is usually a festival thing, but some events offer discounts for group bookings so it's always worth taking advantage of these if you've got four friends who'd love to attend with you. Not only have you made your trip twice as fun, you and your friends have also probably shaved off a decent percentage of the face value price.

5. Save on overnight trips

Live in one of those cities that never gets the big names? Having to book travel and accommodation on top of tickets is a huge drain on the bank account but there is a way to save when you're stopping overnight. Sofa-surfing might not sound ideal, but reaching out to your friends on Facebook to see if anyone would mind putting you up for the night is always worth it because even if they can't, they might know someone who can. If not, there are always reasonable prices going for rooms on Airbnb and Hostel World (particularly if you don't mind sleeping in a dorm environment).

6. Travel discounts

Check if you are eligable for any railcards or bus passes, because these can make a huge difference to your travel costs to and from gigs. Many companies also offer group discounts if you are travelling with friends so always do your research before buying tickets. It's also worth checking out low-cost travel options, such as Megabus. You may compromise on your time and sometimes your comfort, but the prices are certainly not to be sniffed at. 

7. Don't buy drinks at the venue

Generally, venues will not allow you to bring in your own drinks, but if you aren't fussy about what you're drinking and merely want to stay hydrated, most will let you bring in empty water bottles that you can fill inside the venue. More and more venues are installing refill stations to make sure people stay healthy while they're dancing the night away, so make your checks to see if this is an option at your venue. It's better than forking out a fortune at arena bars only to comment on how awful the beer is.

Of course, if you're really struggling to pull together the cash to see your favourite bands, there are plenty of other ways to do it; selling old CDs and vinyl records on EBay as well as vintage merch, or even researching betting tips and playing the odds online.