If you enjoy listening to music, you have most certainly noticed in the past that the sound quality mainly depends on your speakers. What many people aren't aware of is the fact that the quality isn't just a result of their choice of speakers, but also of the way they´ve set the speakers up. The position of the speakers influences the audio quality, which is why music lovers should make sure to set their speakers up in the most efficient way.

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Finding the Sweet Spot

It would be a lie to state that a single wireless speaker and a fancy home theater setup can lead to the exact same audio quality. But it´s the way you set your speakers up that can lessen or increase the sound potential of you speakers: A poorly set-up home theater system can have a surprisingly bad sound. And vice versa, a smartly placed starter model can sound wonderful.

Finding the sweet spot is the golden rule when it comes to listening to music – no matter if you use a stereo pair of speakers or high-end speakers with a subwoofer. But what is the sweet spot? The speakers and your head should form a triangle with you head being situated at about the same distance from both speakers – left and right.

The location of your subwoofer doesn't really have an impact on the sound quality, as the human ear has a hard time locating deep sounds and bass. Yet, if the speakers and the woofer are too close together, there can be disturbances due to a high frequency response. In that case, the miniDSP 2x4 HD can lead to a much more linear sound.

All About Angles

As mentioned above, your head isn´t just supposed to be situated about halfway between the two speakers – you and the speakers should form a triangle. But that's not the only angle of interest: In order to perfectly catch the highs of a song, you should place your speakers in a way where the high notes can easily reach your ear: the smaller the angle between the tweeters and your ears, the better will your favorite music sound.

Party of One

What if you don't own a pair of speakers, but a mono-speaker? In that case, make sure to place it on a flat surface and far enough away from the walls. Mono-speakers can be a great alternative for parties where the sweet spot is basically a no-show due to the crowd.

How About Audio Apps?

Many speakers come with special apps that are supposed to increase the audio quality even further, but the effect usually isn't that awesome. But if your speakers come with a soundbar, use them in order to get a more immersive feel and a fuller sound.

Things to Consider Before Buying Speakers for Music

Even though the set-up is really important, the quality of your speakers is so, too. These are the things you should consider when in search of new speakers.

The Listening Space

Don´t choose speakers by their looks, size and power, but by the room you´re going to place them in. Their power should match the size of the room in order to bring you the best audio experience.

Complexity of Setup

There are powered speakers with integrated amplifiers and other features, which you should chose if you only want to buy a pair of speakers. If unpowered speakers are what you want, you´ll need to get an extra amplifier.

Connectivity Needs

Make sure your speakers come with all the connection input you need: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for playing from devices and a phono-level analog input for playing from turntables.

Look and Feel

Nowadays, there are speakers that are true design elements. Even though sound quality should come first, you can then choose your future speakers by design like glossy veneers and finishes. Some design speakers will create a retro look while others will add a very modern feel to your apartment.