Iconic guitarist Nile Rogers, who was responsible in large part for the unique sound of Daft Punk’s runaway hit Get Lucky, has been officially cleared of cancer. The guitarist announced the news over Twitter on Monday, saying: "Instead of showing gross internal video I'll show my doctor's fly examination room. I'M ALL CLEAR AGAIN."

Nile Rogers, Barclaycard British Summer
Rogers has been given the all clear.

Rogers believes that the success of Get Lucky had a lot to do with his recovery. In an interview with The Official Chart Company earlier this year, he explained: "I was facing life and death issues and then to get something so rewarding as a number one record is pretty amazing."

Nile Rogers, Barclaycard British Summer
The guitarist is most proud of his work with Daft Punk.

He also recounted part of his struggle with cancer and exactly how music helped him live through it all: "I think this particular experience rates very high, because two years ago I was stricken with cancer just right out of the clear blue sky. And from that moment I decided I was going to work as much as I could, play as many concerts, do as many records, because that's what I live for."

Rogers continues to hold to that philosophy today, even after he has been given the all-clear from doctors. Last month, he performed a powerhouse set at Glastonbury with Chic – the band Rogers formed in the 70s. Recently, he has also been working on collaborations with David Guetta and Avicii.

Nile Rogers, British Summer Time
He is currently working on a number of collaborations with the younger generation of artists.