Jake Roche only lasts ''five minutes'' in bed.

The 22-year-old Rixton frontman has confessed he doesn't last long in the sack with his Little Mix girlfriend Jesy Nelson.

Jake said: ''I heard sex was really good for keeping fit but it doesn't kick in till after 15 minutes, so I'm f***ed!

Five minutes and I'm done. No cardio for me, boys. I get exhausted just taking my trousers off.''

The 'Me And My Broken Heart' hitmaker went on to confess that he enjoys getting hit on by gay guys, and takes it as ''a compliment''.

Speaking to Gay Times magazine, Jake said: ''It's a bit of an honour. The other day, a gay couple looked at us all and checked us out, and it was such a compliment. I kind of got a bit giddy, really.

''I'm such a t**t.''

Jake previously revealed that he puts his phone on ''airplane mode'' before his ''nights of passion'' with Jesy, to ensure he doesn't accidentally call his mother Coleen Nolan when he's getting intimate with the 23-year-old singer.

He said: ''I put (my phone) in airplane mode.''

His worries came after Coleen, 50, said she was ''dead impressed'' with her son Shane's bedroom antics after he accidentally pocket dialled her whilst with a women.

Talking about Shane's mishap, Jake said: ''My brother was about to have sex with a lovely lady and as he took his jeans off he stepped on his phone and accidentally called my mum. That was an ordeal.''