James Bond is given a new lease of life in the next instalment of the spy franchise as the latest book 'Solo' was revealed at a London's Dorchester Hotel on Tuesday 24th September.

william boyd
William Boyd changes the modern day Bond image in new book 'Solo'

The books author is British screenwriter and former lecturer at St Hildia's College, Oxford, William Boyd and he sets the reincarnation of Bond in West Africa on the night the spy's 45th birthday in 1969.

The tale takes him across the great continent which is entangled in a furious civil-war and to 'the land of opportunity', America. On the way their will be the patent symbolic vehicle of Bond and British class, the Aston Martin, and the company of two (most likely gorgeous) women.

It seems to be the Bond we know and love so far, but are the big differences from the 'modern day Bond' to Boyd's Bond? Recently speaking to the DailyMail Boyd stated "Times have changed but Bond is a heavy smoker, there is a wonderful line in one of the novels, which is Bond lit his 70th cigarette of the day".

He added "I have no desire to water down or make Bond more acceptable to modern sensibilities. He drinks, he smokes, he does everything you would expect of a classic Bond".

The author also thought the current spy 'Daniel Craig' won't be right for this role as he is in exceptional shape and this Bond clearly isn't concerned with his health. Boyd told BBC "I've aged him up to 45, but Daniel Craig is 45, and he's in great shape, so Bond's got a another 20 years in him, I reckon."

daniel craig
Daniel Craig is a fit and healthy modern day image of James Bond

Boyd also believes British actor Daniel Day-Lewis should be cast as Bond if 'Solo' is turned into a film. "He actually resembles the Bond that Fleming describes in the books," Boyd explained. "That's someone who looks like the American singer-songwriter Hoagy Carmichael - a tall, lean, rangy, very dark-haired, good-looking man."

This year marks the 60th Anniversary of Ian Fleming's fist James Bond novel 'Casino Royale' and Boyd, writing as Fleming attempts to bring back the real Bond, which will hopefully be a triumphant return.

Daniel day lewis
Boyd thinks Daniel Day Lewis fits the Bond protryed in 'Solo'