Folk rockers Mumford & Sons have shown off their sense of humour by recruiting comedy actors including Jason Bateman and Ed Helms to play them in a new video.

Bateman and Helms are seen dressed as members of the band along with Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte, singing and playing the group's trademark instruments in the promo for Hopeless Wanderer.

Each of the comedians portrays a Mumford & Sons member, with Sudeikis leading the way as frontman Marcus Mumford, while Bateman and Forte both donned a large bushy beard.

They are seen performing in a barn and on a tiny boat, while Bateman and Forte raise a few laughs by locking lips for a passionate kiss as the song reaches a crescendo.

The fake Mumford & Sons also perform a comedy dance routine while playing banjos, and smash their instruments at the end of the song.