Jenna Ortega's parents "can't believe" she's been so successful.

The 20-year-old actress' parents have always been hugely supportive of her ambitions - but even they've been shocked by what she's managed to achieve at such an early age.

Jenna - who stars in 'Wednesday', Tim Burton's new supernatural series - shared: "I feel like they kind of can’t believe it.

"Not to say that they didn’t believe in me, because obviously they wouldn’t have done six-hour car trips back and forth, four or five times a week, so that I could go to LA and audition, but still.

"My mom literally said this to me yesterday - she said: 'I did not think you were going to be here.' Which is true! That’s what it is. Because we had no connection to Hollywood, it was a random thing. I’m living off of a six-year-old girl’s decisions.

"This is something I said I wanted when I was six. Good for her, she knew what she wanted. It’s worked so far, but my parents are very supportive. They get very nervous, especially because I haven’t been home as much and I haven’t gotten to see them as much. I think it’s hard for them to see me less and less and less."

Despite this, Jenna doesn't think she's been forced to grow up too fast.

Speaking to The Face, Jenna added: "I wouldn’t say that I felt I had to grow up fast. It’s kind of something I’d already done.

"Since I was eight years old, people have been calling me an old woman. When you’re working and spending every day in an environment where you’re surrounded by a bunch of adults and you have to talk with them and work in a professional manner, I think a lot of actors seem a bit older than they are, or communicate in a way that other kids their age would have a complete struggle over."