Last weeks Twitter war between comedienne and writer Jenny Johnson and singer Chris Brown has already become the stuff of online legend, and now Johnson, who after days of silence between the two, has given her word on the feud and admitted that she is by no means sorry for the war of word at all.

Brown really sunk his teeth in after Johnson initially provoked the controversial singer, referring to his much-publicised physically beating of former flame (well, maybe not former for much longer) Rihanna. Brown replied with a triad of sexual abuse towards Johnson, which even if he was playing the 'victim' then his response did him no help. But after a few back-and-forths between the two, Johnson did look as though she emerged the victor, with Brown deleting his Twitter account and keeping a very low online profile ever since.

Johnson wrote on GQ's blog yesterday (Nov 30), giving her side of the story and admitting that as well as having no regrets about the feud, she also claims to be in no way a victim of the fight, taking on responsibility for the war of words. The full response is available on GQ's website.